Ava’s First Holy Communion

A few photos I took at my niece Ava’s first Communion. She was very excited about this event but was a bit anxious too because two of her temporary teeth were moving and could detach anytime. That it might come off right at the moment when the priest gives her the host. 

That did not happen and the ceremonies went as planned. And Ava was such a happy girl that day. The last photo kinda shows it. 

Wednesday Postcards: Bellflower

Bellflower. Just round here. Los Angeles but not really Los Angeles. Your typical California city. Drenched in sunshine. Named after a fruit that was farmed here in the early 1900s, the bellefleur apple. Thriving city. A playground for the weary as well as the gentle souls. Home for the last 20 years.

Photos taken with the Lubitel 2 with Ilford HP5 400. 


My parents  celebrated their 40th wedding Anniversary yesterday. They actually have two anniversaries , civil and church, and our family try to remember and celebrate both of these dates . My dad loves to reminisce and every year, he would tell a detailed story of what happened. But yesterday it was my mom who went through the details of their “whirlwind” wedding. That they  talked to the priest only the night before. She wore a green polka dotted dress she planned to wear in that year’s School Graduation events for teachers. The Beef tenderloin dish for the dinner was  prepared by my Uncle Joe. And so on….

Last year, I had them sit for a photo session for a series I had in mind called “Anniversary”. My mom was a bit upset because she said she looked plain. They were both in their most natural look and I loved that. 

Happy Anniversary Ma and Pa. Thank you.

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